Stop Gmail Drafts in

Many people who are using Gmail or Google hosted email using G-Suite are experiencing a problem where the Apple Mail application is constantely saving drafts on their Mac.

Since MacOS 10.13 High Sierra there is no longer the option to uncheck the box for saving Drafts. There are two different paths you can try to stop this crazy behavior.

Mac-Expert 2018-02-14 at 08.28.24.png

In Apple Mail application:

  1. Mail > Preferences
  2. Select your Gmail account
  3. Mailbox Behaviors
  4. Drafts Mailbox
  5. Change te location to “On My Mac”

Online in your Google account:

  1. Log into Gmail.Com
  2. Open settings
  3. Select the Labels tab
  4. Drafts : Uncheck the box “Show in IMAP”