Keep track of your Mac

Here is a quick tip on securing your Mac and improve your chances to get it back if you lose track of it.

Beside wiring your name and cell phone number on your Mac you can also show a message on the login screen so that after you turn on the computer, you can show your name and number on the login screen.

Mac-Expert 2018-05-24 at 11.14.13.png

Take this quick steps:

  1. Open system preferences
  2. Click on "Security & Privacy"
  3. Unlock the padlock in the lower left corner
  4. The checkbox "Show a message when the screen is locked."
  5. Click on "Set Lock Message..."

While in the security setting you might want to consider enabling the FileVault. FileVault will encrypt your hard drive and make it impossible to access your data without your password.

To keep track of your Mac and have the option to lock it or erase the data remotely I highly recommend enabling "Find My Mac" in System Preferences > iCloud. You can see its location and take action from the "Find iPhone" app on your iPhone or iPad or logging into your iCloud account using a web browser.