Google Mesh WiFi System

Recently I was challenged to install a whole house WiFi in a very large historic house in Santa Barbara. Installing network cables that feed POE powered WiFi access points is not a reasonable option.  We opted for a Google Mesh network and ended up installing 6 units. Besides the base unit, we could connect two of them to existing ethernet cables in the main office and den where the biggest demand on the network is. The rest of the house relied on the wireless mesh technology which gave us an acceptable speed of about 50/10 of the available 200/20. What did impress me was the network roaming. I was able to continue a VoIP call from my iPhone while walking the entire property.

An other great feature of the Google Mesh Network are the parental controlls! Where you can manage the kids online access using the excellent App on your iPhone or iPad.

This picture represents the actual installation in the basement of this client after I removed jungle of wires and mis managed hardware that an other iT specialist had left behind without any documentation. This certainly is not the most professional looking setup but it represents a real life working sceneario without having to spend a fortune on labor to make it look pretty. More importantly is the fact that everything is clearly labled with descriptions that a non tech person can undertstand.

Not pretty but fully functional and well documented for a non tech person.