Synology RT2600AC Semi Professional router

Apple dropped the ball by discontinuing the Apple Airport WiFi routers.

A fast and reliable internet connection is the backbone of all our computers, smartphones and tablets. We all have experienced how useless our smartphone becomes when the Airplane mode has been turned on. Rather than dropping the ball, Apple should have further developed the Airport products to "Mesh Technology. Like Google WiFi or Aero mesh network devices. What I think is a dangerous move to leave core function of Apple products in the hands of 3rd parties or Googles case competition.


I recently needed to replace an old Airport Extreme and Express that could no longer keep up with the internet speed after upgrading to 400/20 Mbs. Since I have good experiences with the Synology NAS devices, I decided to give the RT2600AC a try. I could not move the modem or router to a central location in the five-bedroom house and had to resort by mounting it against a wall in the home office located in the basement. The user interface and available options are well executed. The desktop connected with a network cable reached the maximum up and download speed as advertised by the ISP. Better yet the entire house and back patio now have a great WiFi connection. I particularly liked the option to allow firmware updates to be installed automatically and to schedule a reboot of the router. 

This router even has an option to connect a 2nd internet connection or a USB cellphone modem for back-up.

I highly recommend this $214 Synology RT2600AC router for home and small office use.