We have moved to Santa Barbara


Our little bungalow on the hill with gorgeous views was to rural for us. Last year we sold the house in Oak View and bought a 1930's Spanish style bungalow in a great neighborhood close to downtown Santa Barbara. For the last few months of 2018, I decided to focus on the preparations for the sale, move and extensive remodel of our new home.

My new office is located in a charming "casita' surrounded by palm trees where I have created my own "geek heaven" and can be as focussed or loud as I want to be. Santa Barbara is further North, and It takes me just a couple of hours for my regular visits to the Bay Area. My remote support service works great and is a life saver for me and many of my clients. Sometimes its necessary to have physical access to the hardware. Moreover, for me its always a joy to see people in person!

Some more info about my new office/shack:

There are 2 adjustable height desks — one Fully Jarvis 48x30" powder coated desk for repairs. The ability to raise the desk to standing height is not only ergonomically great. Moreover, it is very convenient to share a screen with a client while standing. The other desk is a Fully Jarvis frame only with a 72" X 40" Sapele wood table top from which I ripped 7 inches and use it as a raiser. This raiser brings the screens at eye level while sitting and creates more useful desk space. The desk space is illuminated with a strip of LED lights under the raiser. I could not help myself, so I select the multi-color version for added dramatic effect. Both desks are powered by individual APC battery backup's. These prevent interruptions while doing remote support, more importantly, to prevent interruption of data rescue missions, data migration processes, etc. The tool chest and steel cabinet are for storing all the tools, and parts needed to do repairs and data rescue.

Dipole antenna strung between the Palm trees.

Dipole antenna strung between the Palm trees.


10Gigabit network cables with an additional fiber-optic line connecting my office to the house. More on the network in a future blog post.

What's up with these radios?

My affinity with computers and radios all relate to Amateur radio. On my desk are a shortwave and VHF/UHF transceivers and two of the tallest Palm trees in our back yard serve as antenna towers. I am not super active in this hobby, but it is nice to keep my toe in the water and meet new friends. Most of them also have the "knack" the Santa Barbara Radio club is very active in advanced digital networks and communications. I want to participate in these activities to make new friends and hone my skills.