Cleanup iPhone / iPad WiFi

Many people use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet when traveling, sometimes it doesn’t want to work correctly.

Remove the unwanted Wi-Fi network by opening Wi-Fi in the Settings menu. Moreover, then tap the “I” symbol to the right of the network and choose “Forget This Network*. To avoid a constant disruption to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you happen to pass by. You should disable the popup message to join a Wi-Fi network by turning off “Ask to Join Networks.”

Sometimes a Wi-Fi connection needs a bit of help to make it work. Return to Wi-Fi in the Settings menu, tap the “I” and select “Renew Lease.” Besides, you can manually enter a DNS server address. DNS is responsible for directing your web browser to the IP address of the website you want to visit. Some DNS servers are better than others. It is worthwhile to change the DNS server address by tapping the “Configure DNS” section and change from Automatic to Manual. Remove any existing t DNS servers and search domains. Add a server electing the green “+” sign and use one or more of the following suggestions:

  • Google DNS
  • Google DNS
  • IBM Quad Nine fast & private
  • Cloudflare one of the leading web hosting service and is fast & private

Changing the DNS servers also helps to prevent the network operator of spying on your web browsing or redirect you to websites they want you to go. Better yet you can encrypt the DNS traffic with the app.

*Ultimately you can delete all Wi-Fi and BlueTooth setting in: Settings > General > Reset > “Reset Network Settings.

Never trust a strangers network, whether its a hotel, airport, coffee shop, or Air B&B. There is a chance that someone else on the network will see every website you visit and intercept the passwords you enter or might try to break into your computer.

The best solution is to use a trusted VPN service. This application will rout all your data through an encrypted tunnel to another location on the internet and will put many barriers in place to protect your location and privacy. Be careful about choosing a VPN provider since they can see all your traffic. I did the research and found that Nord VPN is one of the best out there. Currently they have a -75% Offer!