Email is the most important tool for communication and even personal archive. Therefore, it is paramount your email is hosted on a fast and reliable server, with strong privacy protection in place.

Stop using personal email for business.  Improve your professional appearance by using your own domain name.


Email migration

We can copy all your existing email to a reliable server. Set rules to filter the spam from the trusted contacts. So, you can stop using Yahoo!, AOL, or even Hotmail as your email address.


Email management

Bring order to your email. Be in control and don't feel overwhelmed by an overflowing mailbox. We can help you archive "Inbox Zero" status.


Email security & privacy

Avoid damaging your reputation or worse by securing your email. Implement strong passwords and 2-step authentication. Install a certificate to prove you are the legitimate sender of an email.  Encrypt emails which need to remain confidential.